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United Church of Christ, Congregational, Burlington

Paragon Customizes Efficient, Financial Controls and Reporting System.

The church needed to move to a system that provided more efficient accounting, controls and reports – generated by various volunteers. It was also important to have a solution that did not depend upon on-premise computers as well as have the ability for frequent upgrades. Paragon implemented Microsoft Dynamics GP

"We would never have been able to make the transition from cumbersome reporting and tracking in Excel so successful without the exceptional support of Paragon."

Mark Flecchia

Treasurer, United Church of Christ, Congregational
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Paragon Cloud


  • The church was not using any financial software. As records were on paper, it was cumbersome to track past income or expenditures.


  • Microsoft Dynamics GP hosted by Paragon Cloud.

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As Nanigans’ Business Grew, Paragon Cloud Delivered on Increased Financial Controls and Outstanding Support.

Paragon implemented Microsoft Dynamics GP, providing an integrated module based accounting system which strengthened the company’s financial controls and allowed a more efficient financial close process. Microsoft Dynamics GP, along with financial reporting management tools and Microsoft Office tools, are all hosted in the cloud, accessible to the Nanigans team anywhere, anytime – via Paragon Cloud.

"As we grew as a company, so did our need for better financial controls. Paragon delivered with Microsoft Dynamics GP via Paragon Cloud. We have had consistent support with Paragon that has far exceeded my expectations."

Pete Basius

Corporate Controller, Nanigans
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Paragon Cloud


  • As Nanigans’ business grew, QuickBooks did not provide the financial controls that a growing company demands.


  • Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Office 365 hosted by Paragon Cloud.

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Cartera Commerce

Cartera Commerce Simplifies General Ledger by Moving to the Paragon Cloud.

Karen Cambray, Chief Financial Officer of Cartera Commerce said, "I was formerly the CFO at a company that was migrating from Quick Books to Great Plains. Paragon Cloud did a fantastic job converting us to Great Plains quickly and accurately. It was a complicated integration, but I had such a positive experience that when I became CFO at Cartera I brought Paragon along with me. They've been helping us with our accounting systems for almost seven years."

"...We questioned why we were using our own hardware and hosting the system ourselves. It's not a core competency for our IT guys, so it made sense to have Paragon upgrade the system to Microsoft Dynamics GP and move it to the Paragon Cloud."

Karen Cambray

Chief Financial Officer, Cartera Commerce

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Paragon Cloud


  • Old version of Great Plains software that was no longer supported by Microsoft.


  • Upgraded to current version of Microsoft Dynamics GP and moved system to the Paragon Cloud.

Eaton Apothecary

Paragon Cloud is Eaton Apothecary’s vendor of choice for the last 25 Years.

Mark Forbush, president of Paragon Cloud, explains their winning formula. “Where Service Comes First is our tagline but it is much more than that. It is a way of life at Paragon. Our number one goal is to have a happy customer, keep them current with the software and provide incremental improvements.”

"I know with the accounting package and with Paragon behind us, that's a piece of the business that I don't have to worry about. That it doesn't cause me sleepless nights. Paragon has always been there and I have faith that they will always be there."

Mark Dumouchel

President, Eaton Apothecary
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Paragon Cloud


  • Obsolete hardware/software for handling accounting functions.


  • Work with Paragon Cloud, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, for installation of MS Dynamics GP and provision of exemplary services.

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